Installation Instructions

DAAT is distributed as a self-extracting (SFX) zip file that will extract the contents to the specified destination directory and create start menu shortcuts to the application. The SFX installer can be downloaded from There are no requirements to use the SFX installer as DAAT is a portable application and will run once extracted or copied to a folder with write access on a Windows system. The two different deployment options are explained in more detail below.

Note: These instructions were created using DAAT 1.0.0 Preview Release, new versions will follow the same procedures unless noted.

SFX Install
Once downloaded, run the installer (daat-1.0.0.exe) to start the process. It should look similar to the image below.

DAAT SFX Installer
DAAT SFX Installer

Select the destination folder and click OK to the install button. This will extract DAAT and create start menu shortcuts to the application.

To uninstall DAAT, click the Uninstall item from the DAAT start menu shortcuts.

SFX Extract
Note: This example uses the 7-Zip compression utility. Portable installations of DAAT (USB flash drive) should be done using an encrytped container, such as a TrueCrypt volume. It is encouraged to use an encytped container for both security and performance reasons.

Right-click the DAAT SFX installer (daat-1.0.0.exe), select 7-Zip -> Open archive. Once open, it should look similar to the image below.

Extract SFX Installer
DAAT SFX Etract via 7-Zip

Click the Extract toolbar button.

Select the destination folder for the extracted files and click OK.

Once the extraction is complete, view the readme.txt file and launch the application.