DAAT 1.0.2 Released
Welcome to the DAAT project homepage, an open source Device Administration Automation Transformation solution.

DAAT is a portable Windows JavaScript application that provides automated access to remote devices, configurable software/command executions, custom module integration and powerful log file transformations. Managing different types of network attached devices (servers, workstations, routers, etc...) can be repetitive and time consuming, DAAT was created to simplify and automate these activities. It applies standard system administration methodologies with proven open source software and scripts to create an extensible solution that centralizes and simplifies common tasks and procedures.

Features and Functionality
  Supports MSHTA, XULRunner and Firefox.
  Centralizes management of devices, automations and transforms log files.
  Secures sensitive information using AES or TEA encryption.
  Integrates and automates custom software and commands.
  Modular and extensible architecture to leverage and create new features and functionality.
  Incorporates extended Ext JS data components with XSL transformations.
  Data is only transmitted to the devices that you specify.
Design and Usability
  Portable JavaScript application with an automated, self-contained build and launch process.
  Built using the Ext JS framework and XML to provide a feature rich application for Windows.
  Automations are created, organized and accessed from a customizable Toolbox component.
  Software and command output is logged and accessible until removed.
  Quickly make configuration changes as many components provide a right-click context menu and support drag and drop.
  Constrained windows can be minimized and then restored using the 'Windows' button in the taskbar.
  The default theme can be changed in the application settings or switched using the combo box in the taskbar.
Changes and Enhancements
  Added support for Firefox 6.0.
  Updated Firefox 5.0.1 to version 6.0.
  Resolved several major issues when using MSHTA.
  Resolved a minor issue removing log files from a device.
  Included portable application description (PAD) files.
  Improved SFX install script to set the shortcuts working directory.
  Created an update installer to upgrade DAAT 1.0.1 to version 1.0.2.
Screenshots and Download
Screenshots of DAAT Download DAAT